Jobseeker FAQ

  1. What is ITE e-Career Fair?

ITE e-Career Fair 2018 is targeting ITE Graduating Students from Nitec in Dec 2018 and Higher Nitec in April 2019. 


  1. What you can do in this e-Career Fair?

The e-Career Fair allows jobseekers to access and apply for training related positions. In addition, there are various functions that can aid you to stand out among the other applicants:

  • Uploading of video resume
  • Live chat or leave a message (other time slots) with participating companies to start chatting with them
  • Companies may also conduct interview via the video interview function embedded in this Career Fair platform (Pre-requisite: Jobseeker must login using the account registered in this e-career fair to start chatting with the potential employer.)


  1. How long is the duration for this ITE e-Career Fair?

The ITE e-career Fair is from  Oct 2018 to 31 May 2019


  1. Where to register for jobseeker account.

Login to to register for a jobseeker account.


  1. Who can apply for the jobs via e-career fair?

The career fair is open to hire fresh ITE Graduates. 


  1. How do I know if the employers are available for chat?

Login to and go to the company profile page. There is an icon that will indicate if the employer is either online or offline.

If the green icon is displayed, the employer is currently online.

If the red icon is displayed, the employer is currently offline.

Note: Jobseeker must “Login” using the registered account for the e-career fair to start the chatting session with the potential employer.


  1. Can I login to the mobile phone to chat with employer?

No. For better user experience, please login using laptop or PC to chat with employer.


  1. Can I chat with more than one employers concurrently?

Yes. You can chat with multiple employers concurrently.


  1. If the employer I'm interested is currently offline, what should I do?

If the employer is offline, you can leave a message. Simply fill up the form and an email notification will be sent to the employer. 


  1. How do I access the video interview?

The video interview function can only be accessible if a company initiates a video interview with you. You will receive an email notification to alert you. Simply accept or reject the interview session under the “Schedule Interview” tab. At the scheduled date and time, login to the portal under “Schedule Interview”, login to complete the video interview session. Standby at the portal as the employer will call the interview session. Simply accept the call from employer to start the video interview session.


  1. Can I use mobile phone to attend the video interview?

For better user experience, please login using the laptop or PC and attend the video interview session.


  1. How do I know my interview status and if I'm shortlisted?

You will be receiving a schedule interview email invite from employer. Follow the steps mentioned in the email to accept / reject on the interview. 


  1. I have not heard from any company. What should I do?

Please allow 2 -4 week after you submitted your job application for companies to contact you. Failing which, you may want to look for other jobs via other channels. For employment assistance, you can approach e2i at e2i centres or via our hotline